Past and Current Research Projects

Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC) Industrial Robotics Program

A research program to consolidate the efforts of leading robotics researchers in Singapore to resolve the critical challenges in the adoption of robotic automation solutions by the local manufacturing industry. For more information.

Robot Calibration and Workcell Accuracy Enhancement

Calibration, modeling and sensor guided approaches are proposed to improve robot workcell accuracy to achieve effective offline programming and precise contact operations. For more information.

Robotic design through passive dynamics analysis

In this project, we explored the concept of passive dynamics in robotic systems and the possible applications of passive dynamics in industrial robotics, in particular industrial manipulators. For more information.

Variable impedance joint module for force controlled manipulation

The design and development of variable stiffness mechanisms to improve robot force control performance. For more information.

Macro-mini control for compliant motion

The design and development of a 3 degrees-of-freedom subsystem for control and regulation of contact forces between the robot and the environment. For more information.

Dynamic control of mobile manipulation in industrial environment

The design and development of an omni-directional mobile platform to extend the work space of a robot manipulator. For more information.